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zAmya Theater Project

10,000 Fresh Voices | KFAI

Founded in 2004 by Lecia Grossman, and under the direction of Maren Ward, zAmya Theater Project is a unique theater group comprised of performers who are, or have been, homeless. zAmya, which is Sanskrit for “aiming at peace,” presents new work each fall during National Hunger and Homeless Awareness week. Cast members collaborate on productions and travel to churches, schools, theaters and health centers to perform. zAmya Theater Project is part of St. Stephen’s Human Services in Minneapolis, a nonprofit organization that also provides homelessness outreach, emergency shelter and free stores. The story was produced for KFAI by Dixie Treichel, with music selections by zAmya cast members: "Out in the Cold" by Steven Wagner (aka “Minnesota Stevie”) and "Streetified" by Caroline Mannheimer.