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Xonxaro Baro's Gypsy Love Show

MinneCulture | KFAI

Xonxaro Baro means "the great trick." This live performance of the Gypsy Love Show at Amsterdam Bar and Hall features music by the Bourgeoisie Bohemians--Balkan and Gypsy performers with a touch of French circus--with storytelling by Tansy Undercrypt. Also included are three recordings by Gypsy Mania from their self-titled release, including "Butterfly," "East Hennepin" and "Blues de Paris." Gypsy Mania is Glen Helgeson (guitar), Gary Schulte (violin), Reynold Philipsek (guitar/vocals), Jeff Brueske (acoustic bass), Michael Bissonnette (percussion) and James Allen (guitar). For more information, go to http://www.worldviewmusic.com/gypsymania/index.html. Produced for KFAI by Daniel Zamzow and Nancy Sartor.