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A North Shore Christmas Karol, Part I

MinneCulture | KFAI

Deadbeats on the Air presents a radio theater event, “A North Shore Christmas Karol.” This adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” written by Britt Aamodt, aired in two parts on KFAI’s MinneCulture program at 7:30 pm on December 20 and December 22, 2010. The familiar story has been modernized and set in Minnesota’s Arrowhead region. Gather ‘round the radio for a special Yuletide tale sure to warm your spirits for the holidays. “A North Shore Christmas Karol, on MinneCulture, at 7:30 pm, part 1 on Monday, December 20 and part 2, Wednesday, December 22. Radio theater group Deadbeats on the Air was founded at KFAI radio in 2008 by Britt Aamodt, Michael Fischbein and Mike Stapp. Their first production was the original feature "The Evil of Shady Lake" about the evils of toxic dumping and "those odd people next door." In 2010, they adapted a popular Minneapolis comic strip, "Road Kill Bill," created by artist Ken Avidor, for KFAI's Wave Project. The cast and crew members of “A North Shore Christmas Karol” are: Michael Fischbein: Seamus Karol Kirsten Yocum: Caroler Nora Yocum: Young girl Oliver Yocum: Tim Crochet Nancy Donoval: Jeannie McFlivver, Mary Crochet, Lydia Mike Stapp: Bob Crochet Alice Barry: Head Caroler, Jenny, Grocery Store Wife, Grocery Store PA Eric Ringham: Narrator, Finlayson, Thrift Store Owner Andy Driscoll: Axel Morstad Meaghan DiSciorico: Ghost of Christmas Past, Storekeeper Damon Runnals: Dennis, Young Seamus, Storekeeper, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Mr. Seglum, Grocery Store Husband Nan Montgomery: Ghost of Christmas Present, Mrs. Seglum Liz Olds: Banjo Mike Fischbein: Original music Tom Tschantz: Audio engineer Miriam Queensen: Script editor Michael Fischbein: Producer, Sound Editor, Sound Effects Mike Stapp: Producer, Sound Effects Britt Aamodt: Writer, Director, Producer