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Costume director and designer Jack Edwards

10,000 Fresh Voices | KFAI

In a career that has spanned 50 years, Jack Edwards has dressed New York theater royalty and Hollywood stars; from Katherine Hepburn, to Carol Burnett and Geraldine Page. In 1971, Edwards left Hollywood, where he was working with renowned designer Bob Mackie on "The Carol Burnett Show," to become the costume director and designer at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. His 18 years at the Guthrie, including his design work with private clients like Prince, musician Lorie Line, opera star Mildred Miller and Ruth Bachman, of Bachman's Floral, has made him the dean of Minnesota costume design. The Goldstein Museum of Design on the University of Minnesota's St. Paul campus is offering a retrospective of Edwards' work, including costumes and sketches for Guthrie shows and private clients, through May 2012. Produced for KFAI by Britt Aamodt.