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An Architectural and Cultural History of Hennepin Avenue

MinneCulture | KFAI

Hennepin Avenue predates the city of Minneapolis, and was originally used by Dakota Indians as a footpath between St Anthony Falls and Lake Calhoun. This main artery has grown and evolved over time, and been home to diverse communities and businesses. From immigrant laborers to performance artists, Hennepin Avenue has gone through a number of incarnations. The former Minneapolis red-light district is today a destination for theater and dance. Producer Sarah Boden explores the avenue's colorful history, highlighting architectural and cultural landmarks along the way. With production assistance from Nancy Sartor. Special thanks to Ben Anderson, Annette Atkins, Syd Bean, Cristeta Boarini, Bill Catlin, Dale Connelly, Jim Du Bois and the Minnesota Broadcasters Association, Jean Garbarini, Minneapolis Councilor Lisa Goodman, Joseph Hart, The Hennepin County Library’s Minneapolis Collection, The Hennepin History Museum with Susan Larson-Fleming and Jack Kabrud, Neal Karlen, Phillip Koski, Ginny Lackovic, Chuck D. Liddy, Sarah Lemancyzk, Paul Metsa, Ashley Mitlyng, Larry Millett, former Minneapolis Councilor Lee Munnich, Kevin Murphy, Karen Nelson, Mayor R. T. Rybak with John Stiles and Janna Hottinger, Penny Petersen, The Saloon with Jim “Andy” Anderson, John Moore and Tim Balfanz, Catherine Sandlund, The Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota with Lisa Vecoli, Etty Wilberding, and Stewart Van Cleve.